Congressman Luis Gutierrez


Is Trying To Fool Americans Again


Chicago Congrista Luis Gutierrez has come-up with another bill, "Campaign For American Children and Families," to replace the "Dream Act" as another attempt to get the American people to support another "Amnesty" for the 20 million Illegal Immigrants working in our country.


The last time he tried this it was called Familas Unidas and the Congressman spent most of his time traveling around the U.S. to churches that offer "sanctuary" to Illegal Immigrants that have received removal orders from the Department of Homeland Security and refuse to surrender to be returned to their home countries.



As with the "Dream Act" Congressman Gutierrez is using the children of Illegal Immigrants that were brought into our country without visas as a reason to "legalize" their parents and grant them "Amnesty" from the immigration laws that all other Immigrants have to comply with.


The children are again being used as a political tool by Congressman Gutierrez, Click "Link" For More Photos:


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